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Brian O'Neal


As an artist who has flourished in the comfort of Jazz, the Top 40s, R&B, and Pop, pianist Brian O'Neal exudes the versatility of a uniquely upbeat, smooth style that compliments today’s "New Jazz”. He brings an exciting and uninhibited sound to the world of jazz, making it a creative challenge for many to categorize his music. O’Neal attracts an eager following and commands the respect of his listeners domestically and abroad. "I don't listen to the radio often out of respect for my craft. I don't want to taint my vision of music with that of which we hear everyday. By shutting myself out of the listening audience, I'm not apt to emulate any sound you've heard before." O'Neal says to WFSK 88.1FM's DJ Sharon Kay.

O’Neal was born July 5, 1965, in Detroit, MI. He first discovered his passion for music at the age of six when he took his first drum lesson. Although Brian (known to his friends as "Bean") learned to play many instruments, including the saxophone, bass, and trombone; he aspired to be a professional drummer. That is until his junior year in high school, when he was asked by his band teacher to fill in on the piano for the band’s performance. Brian instantly became mesmerized with the idea of mastering such a magnificent and gentle instrument. His grandmother, "Daisy O'Neal", noticed how excited he was about playing, then bought him his first piano. O'Neal's passion for the ivories increased as he experimented with various melodies and chords; resulting in the rapid maturing of his skill. As a self taught Pianist, he later received a full musical scholarship to Alcorn State University.

Brian’s talents then soared into the world of jingles, working with companies such as the McDonald's Corporation®. His love for movies and children inspired him to compose film scores for youthful audiences around the country. In the (early/mid 80’s), as he explored his musical talent, Brian began touring with several Rock & Top 40 Bands, the Atlanta-based jazz band "Take Notes" and several Contemporary Jazz/R&B artists; some of which he served as their Assistant Music Director. O'Neal's love for music led him to share his talent by mentoring other aspiring artists, such as Universal/Motown® recording artist Kem, who has become a national Jazz/R&B sensation.

O'Neal has shared the stage with many great musicians over the past two decades including: Will Downing, Morris Day and the Time, India Arie, Ledisi, Fantasia, Angela Bofill, Stevie Wonder, Maze (featuring Frankie Beverly), Alex Bugnon, George Duke, Pieces of a Dream, Chaka Kahn, Najee, Kindred the Family Soul, and Jeff Lorber. He has also composed and produced music for several artists abroad; including UNV, Kathy Avalon, Eddie Oliver and a host of other upcoming talents.

Several of O’Neal’s accolades include being a Detroit Music Awards “Most Outstanding Composition” nominee, Mesmerized© won best song on, he has hailed the #1 spot on My Space charts ... read more at


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Support the DO Foundation

Founded by musician/composer Brian O'Neal - DO Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that raises money through music related events and private donations and/or gifts to assist homeless individuals, families and children realize a life of self-sufficiency.
*Our primary initiatives are: providing hands on immediate assistance to individuals residing on the streets, this includes but is not limited to, clothing, meals, personal products, etc. 
*To bring awareness of this rising epidemic, by promoting compassion and sensitivity and a driving determination to DO Something where they can.
*We encourage others to stand up and Do Something through donations, time, resources, transportation or merely an ear to listen.
Ultimately, the DO Foundation would like to be a driving force in removing such an unnecessary yet very real and ever increasing conditions in our society. 
Remember….having a place to live, basic necessities and food should not be a luxury but a RIGHT!

The meaning of 'DO"

1) D.O. for Daisy O'Neal (in honor of my late grandmother - the most giving and caring person I've ever known)
2) DO - perform: carry out or perform an action; cause: give rise to; cause to happen or occur. 

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